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khách du lịch Mỹ ăn máu dê. thịt dê. Ninh Binh. Ep10

Giáo viên Anh Mỹ ở Việt nam. khách du lịch Mỹ ăn máu dê. thịt dê. Xin sử dụng những sự thiết đặt (cho) những tiêu đề Việt nam. Delicious sesame goat meat with a nice bowl of goat blood please! My first food adventure in Vietnam in magical Ninh Binh. #ninhbinh #vietnam ig/t: mister_roberts Các bạn đang theo dõi …

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Món gì ngon nhất Ninh Bình. Best Mutton Recipe

Cook mutton with pipe lolot. Vietnam’s province Ninh Binh is known well with goat meat, and their cooking methods. Today I share one of those dishes from my hometown. I’m from this province, was run restaurant business in Nha Trang for some years. Support me by subscribe and follow my channels. I will share more and more Vietnamese food’s secrets …

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